JRuby 1.3.0 Released

Wednesday, June 03 2009

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.3.0.

  • Homepage: https://www.jruby.org/
  • Download: http://dist.codehaus.org/jruby/

The fixes in this release are primarily obvious compatibility problems and performance enhancements. Our goal is to put out point releases more frequently for the next several months (about 3-4 weeks a release). We want a more rapid release cycle to better address issues brought up by users of JRuby.


  • Fixes so that JRuby runs in restricted environments better like GAE/J
  • Accessing primitive Java arrays are about 10x faster
  • timeout.rb is now ~40% faster
  • Method cache performance improvements
  • irb works in –1.9 mode now
    • Additional Miscellaneous 1.9 fixes
  • rubygems 1.3.3, rake 0.8.7, and rspec 1.2.6 upgrades
  • 66 bugs fixed since 1.2.0

Issues fixed for 1.3.0

JRUBY-3729 JRuby's internal change killed JSR 223 JRuby engine's global variable sharing
JRUBY-3726 Cannot access named capture in match data
JRUBY-3723 1.3RC3 regression - Gem activate error
JRUBY-3714 ActiveMessaging poller stops silently with JRuby 1.3.0RC1 and RC2. Works with JRuby 1.2.0
JRUBY-3601 Need updated release of JFFI for 1.3 release
JRUBY-3719 FFI :buffer_out params incorrectly handled as pinned arrays by jffi
JRUBY-3626 Thread Safety issue with JRuby 1.3 RC1 - JRuby abnormally exit
JRUBY-3625 Multi-threading issue with RegExp
JRUBY-1441 ENV should not be case-sensitive on Windows
JRUBY-3617 Java array support unit tests on are failing on AIX with JRuby 1.3-dev
JRUBY-3663 Can't build JRuby on last OpenJDK builds (58+) because of uncorrect Invokdynamic support
JRUBY-3638 Multi-Threading issues with JRuby 1.3RC1 and soap4r
JRUBY-3678 problem with super called from method defined with define_method
JRUBY-3686 io.fcntl can also accept one-arg version
JRUBY-3509 uninitialized constant when using ResourceController plugin with Rails 2.2.2
JRUBY-3699 Failure in ruby1.8/uri/test_common
JRUBY-3594 JRuby's instance_exec only accepts up to 3 arguments
JRUBY-3677 Array#pack problem
JRUBY-3633 JRuby 1.3 Fails to Execute Embedded Ruby code in Java
JRUBY-3634 File.read or File.open with a url to a file resource fails with StringIndexOutOfBounds exception
JRUBY-3621 relative_path_from returns errors for "C:/" and "C:"
JRUBY-3536 jruby-complete gem install fails: private method `split' called for nil:NilClass
JRUBY-3647 Severe performance degradation from 3d9140fafcda9c4fe6b9d5a1fec0ae9822877e03
JRUBY-3659 Running ant spec-short without the proper Git abbreviations does not break
JRUBY-3661 Incorrect super call site caching with multiple included modules
JRUBY-3395 RubySpec: ConditionVariable#wait should return self
JRUBY-3658 RubySpec: Range#initialize visibility and arity failures
JRUBY-3396 RubySpec: Queue#num_waiting reports the number of threads waiting on the Queue
JRUBY-3357 Marshal load and dump rubyspec failures
JRUBY-3644 After sucessfully launching a remotely-debugged application (using -S rdebug --stop) trying to run it crashes
JRUBY-3649 IllegalArgumentException with --debug and syslog
JRUBY-3671 RubySpec: Time.times is an obsolete method
JRUBY-3388 RubySpec: File.open opens the file when passed mode, num and permissions
JRUBY-3343 Modify require logic to block when two threads require the same file at the same time
JRUBY-3585 Syslog has broken on OS X
JRUBY-2518 Dir["some glob"] doesn't work for files inside a jar
JRUBY-3496 MRI tests: test_hash shows bug in delete_if block argument
JRUBY-3578 ByteList.endsWith fails on empty bytelist
JRUBY-3586 StringIO should support to_inputstream, to_outputstream, and to_channel just like IO does
JRUBY-3588 Allow rescuing Java Throwables.
JRUBY-1800 Ruby 1.9 Fiber support should leverage the same thread pool as pooled JRuby threading
JRUBY-3345 Exception backtraces at toplevel appear to be broken
JRUBY-3483 Redirecting $stdout to an object blows up the stack
JRUBY-2900 Add -vm command line argument to pass classpath, etc.
JRUBY-3573 Memory leak when -Djruby.thread.pool.enabled=true
JRUBY-3680 closed stream error when using druby to copy a file
JRUBY-3472 RubySpec: failures in after_each for core/file
JRUBY-3579 Prawn gem nil:NilClass error that doesn't occur in MRI
JRUBY-3498 New failure in MRI's test_time
JRUBY-3679 java.nio.BufferOverflowException on every Kernel.puts call
JRUBY-3670 RubySpec: A Symbol literal does not contain null in the string
JRUBY-3683 JRUBY-3670 fix introduces a symbol regression
JRUBY-3596 gems in a jar are not found if the current directory contains a space
JRUBY-3393 RubySpec: CSV::Reader.parse calls block once for one row of input
JRUBY-3698 RubyDateFormat.java does ont handle %R specifier in strftime
JRUBY-3652 IO.popen drops first space between command and first argument
JRUBY-3632 Jruby deployment missing batch files
JRUBY-3620 JRuby shebang parsing is too simplistic
JRUBY-3572 Support for anonymous callback inside function definition
JRUBY-3650 Please consider allowing jruby -c to take multiple files as arguments
JRUBY-3660 Dir.pwd correctly displays dirs with unicode characters in them
JRUBY-2235 Minor regression: Kernel.system('non-existing-file') produces some output but shouldn't
JRUBY-3615 Fiber.yield crahes if called without arguments
JRUBY-3640 Minor optimizations with Map.entrySet