The JRuby Community

JRuby has a large and active community. You can connect up with them in several ways:

Contribute - JRuby is open source, and like all open source projects it needs your help! File bugs, check out the source, and help us make JRuby better today.

Nightly Builds - We publish nightly builds of or stable and development branches for testing new features and bug fixes.

Blogs - The JRuby Team, individual team members, and a number of folks from the community blog about JRuby and related topics.

Twitter - There are twitter accounts for The JRuby Team and all the team members.

Chat - The JRuby community’s official group chat is our Matrix JRuby room. Many of the core JRuby developers also communicate on Gitter. If you want quick, interactive help or just want to hang out, feel free to stop by!

Mailing Lists - There are also several mailing lists, for users, developers, and folks interested in tracking the process of JRuby.

Wiki - The JRuby wiki–user editable.