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Not ready to download yet? You can try JRuby as an applet right in your browser!

Getting Started with JRuby

JRuby is one of the easiest Ruby implementations to set up. Let’s start with the basic instructions:

  1. Download JRuby: Visit the download page and grab the binaries for the latest JRuby release.
  2. Unpack JRuby: Unpack the file you downloaded. You’ll then have a "jruby-<version>" directory.
  3. Run JRuby: The JRuby startup script lives in the "bin" directory. Run "bin/jruby -v" to confirm it.

That’s about it!


If you’re on Windows, we’ve already prepared several flavors of installers for you. Just pick 32- or 64-bit, and whether to bundle the Java Virtual Machine or not.

Other ways to get JRuby

If you use RVM, then installing JRuby is also a piece of cake:

rvm install jruby

JRuby might also be available as OS packages for your favorite package manager, check the JRuby Distributions page for more information.