JRuby 1.4.0RC2 Released

Wednesday, October 21 2009

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.4.0RC2.

  • Homepage: https://www.jruby.org/
  • Download: https://www.jruby.org/download

The JRuby 1.4.0 release ends a long release cycle in which we resolved a huge number of issues. The headline feature is a move to Ruby 1.8.7 support, in line with Rails’ own plans to make 1.8.7 the required minimum version of Ruby.

We have also gotten more serious about out 1.9 support (–1.9). The bigger applications mostly just work at this point, but we still have a ways to go on 1.9 support. Please try your 1.9 code in JRuby and help us firm things up.

Due to the overwhelming feedback we got from RC1, we have fixed a number of reported issues (shown below) for RC2. We expect that this will be our last RC before 1.4.0 final.

Please try your apps against 1.4.0RC2 ASAP and report problems.

1.4.0RC2 Highlights:

  • Windows Native Launcher

    • Solves many reported bugs with our old .bat scripts

1.4.0RC1 Highlights:

  • JRuby is now compatible with 1.8.7 patchlevel 174
  • New YAML parser Yecht (bug-for-bug compatible with Syck!)
  • Improved Java Integration Support
    • faster
    • new java_method and java_send methods
  • Windows installer
  • New embedding framework
    • Java 6 scripting out of the box
    • New org.jruby.embed package to replace JavaEmbedUtils
  • Many 1.9 mode (–1.9) fixes
    • updated stdlib to 1.9.2preview2
    • Rubygems now working
    • Rails 2.3.3 simple apps working (2.3.4 has 1.9 bug)
  • rubygems 1.3.5
  • Much better error reporting
    • shorter backtraces with less Java
    • Ruby-compatiable syntax error reporting
  • 232 bugs fixed since 1.3.1

We want to give a couple of special acknowledgements for some contributors who went the extra mile this release cycle.

David Calavera has done a great job wrestling with Rubyspec failures and coming up with patches.

Yoko Harada has totally revamped our embedding APIs and created a new API called Red Bridge. This should address all of the reported embedding issues.

Issues fixed since 1.4.0RC1:

JRUBY-4036 Regression: Instead of java-based ThreadLibrary a pure-ruby thread.rb from stdlib is used
JRUBY-4064 Yecht regression: require'ing rubygems now makes nil, true, false all tainted
JRUBY-4051 Recieve error "\jruby-1.4.0RC1\bin\) was unexpected at this time" when i try use jruby or jirb
JRUBY-4063 memory stomping error with debug JVM on Solaris
JRUBY-4042 [windows] jruby.bat without parameters fails
JRUBY-4055 [windows] jruby.bat can't handle caret sign (^) and question mark (?) in command line
JRUBY-4058 [windows] jruby.bat eats % signs
JRUBY-4056 unsigned values values should be stuffed into Java signed values like Java does
JRUBY-4039 Implicit conversion to List<Long> results in a List<Byte> or List<Integer>
JRUBY-4079 rcov fails with NullPointerException with JRuby 1.4.0RC1. Has worked with all JRuby versions since 2008.
JRUBY-4041 tool/nailgun/configure is not executable
JRUBY-4069 [windows] jruby.jar is not in bootclasspath, JRuby starts much slower then it colud
JRUBY-4071 SystemCallError.new does not create an Errno instance
JRUBY-4089 Mangled Joda-Time package breaks public APIs that return or consume Joda-Time objects
JRUBY-4045 [windows] jruby -e "p $LOAD_PATH" fails (regression)
JRUBY-4066 ruby subclass of java public void method cannot return numeric values
JRUBY-4043 could not coerce BigDecimal to class java.lang.Object (TypeError)
JRUBY-4053 ActiveRecord AssociationCollection#== method is returning false on equal results
JRUBY-4094 variadic FFI functions with struct-by-value return types are broken
JRUBY-4062 RUBYOPT=-rubygems causes various problems for JRuby
JRUBY-4060 gem command doesn't work when RUBYOPT set
JRUBY-4038 nil implicitly casts to java.lang.Integer instead of java.lang.Long during method dispatch
JRUBY-4095 FFI functions that return a struct-by-value cannot accept non-primitive parameters
JRUBY-4111 Solaris 32bit stat struct too large
JRUBY-4108 LoadService::SuffixType too private now for LoadService magic
JRUBY-4131 Nailgun doesn't work on Windows 2000
JRUBY-4129 gem install can not work when the gem name contails '_p'