JRuby Released

Wednesday, March 03 2021

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby

JRuby 9.2.x is compatible with Ruby 2.5.x and stays in sync with C Ruby. As always there is a mix of miscellaneous fixes so be sure to read the issue list below. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

As we are still actively working on we decided to put out another 9.2.x release to fix some of the more recently reported issues.


  • Fixed an issue in Kernel#system where subprocesses that daemonize would cause waitpid to hang. (#6579, #6582)

Standard Library

  • Elevated the racc library to a default gem, so it contains all racc sources and can be upgraded. (#6416, #6576, #6581)
  • Added RubyGems configuration to preserve “env shebang” in the gem command when updating RubyGems. (#6586)

Github Issues resolved for

  • #6416 - `bundle exec racc` fails on jruby-head
  • #6576 - Unrevert racc gem
  • #6579 - Upgrade to causes Kernel#system to hang.
  • #6581 - `LoadError: no such file to load -- racc/info` when using JRuby
  • #6582 - Remove process group to avoid hanging daemons
  • #6586 - Expand env-shebang to setup and pristine
  • #6587 - Call write directly rather than through stream