Blogging about JRuby

JRuby Team

The JRuby Team - Release announcements, news, conference dates, and other information go out through the JRuby Team Blog.

Team Members

Most of the JRuby team have blogs, as do many community members. Here’s a listing of blogs you may want to check out.

Charles Oliver Nutter - Charles is one of the co-leads of JRuby and blogs about it, Ruby, Java, and lots of other related topics.

Thomas Enebo - Tom is another co-lead and blogs about JRuby releases as well as libraries and subprojects he’s working on.

Nick Sieger - Nick is a JRuby core dev, famous for starting ActiveRecord-JDBC and Warbler. He’s also an avid blogger.

Ola Bini - Ola is one of JRuby’s most prolific contributors, and he now blogs on JRuby, his new language Ioke, and computer-language related content.

If you have a blog you think should be listed here, please contact us!