Contributing to JRuby

JRuby depends on community contributions to survive. Here’s how you can get involved:

Get the Source - The JRuby source is stored in our Git repository at and mirrored at GitHub.

  • Browse: GitHub
  • Checkout

    git clone

Need Git help? It’s ok, we’re not Git experts either.

Build JRuby - Once you’ve checked out the source, you just need to run mvn to just build JRuby and mvn -Pbootstrap to install all development dependencies. We depend on Apache Maven 3.3.1 or higher; if you only have access to a lower version use the mvnw script in our repo instead of your system’s mvn command.

  mvn -Pbootstrap

For more detailed information building and other ways to test have a look at jruby/

Check out the Hacking Guide - NaHi built an awesome Prezi fly-through tour of the JRuby codebase. Take a look through it for getting bearings with the codebase.

Report Bugs - We use GitHub for all bug tracking.

Submit Code Changes - We welcome behavioral, performance, quality, and documentation changes alike. Send them back with a GitHub Pull Request for review.

Fix the wiki - We also depend on community contributions and edits to keep our documentation informative and relevant. If you have a useful FAQ or walkthrough or article, please add it to the wiki. And we welcome anyone who wants to help reorganize or edit existing content.

Fix the website - Our website source code is publicly available, and we graciously accept pull requests!